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Yarn chat – Annell

Recently, I was kindly given samples of a new yarn brand, Annell (new to me, anyway!) by the lovely Yvonne at Yvestown blog (which may be the prettiest blog I’ve ever seen!). She sells Annell yarn in her shop.

I was interested in the yarn for two reasons:

1. The price! 2.95 Euros for 50g of 100% wool yarn! *swoon*

2. The colours! Here’s the palette for the wool: Clicky!

Here’s the palette for the acrylic: Clicky!

(be prepared to feel a bit faint from excitement.)

Here’s the palette for the cotton: Clicky!

Yvonne sent me a sample each of the wool, acrylic and cotton. I knitted up some mini-samples to take the yarn for a test drive.

Annell yarns

This is Malmedy, the wool DK/aran, knitted on 4.0 needles:

Annell Malmedy wool

It’s not the softest wool you’ve ever felt, but it’s not scratchy and considering it’s 100% superwash wool, it’s very soft indeed. It has a firm, thick texture when knitted up, with good stitch definition. It is smooth, with little fuzz or halo. I’m very impressed, especially considering the price and colour choices.

And this is Rapido, the acrylic DK, knitted on 4.0mm needles:

Annell Rapido acrylic

The first thing I noticed about the acrylic was that it has a nice tight ply, which is unusual in an acrylic yarn. Usually acrylic is loosely plied (twisted), which makes it over-elastic and easily bobbled (pilled). This felt almost like a chenille yarn to knit; it was firm, gently elastic, and soft. It has good stitch definition. The fabric is bouncy. I think this yarn is a really good choice for a high-end acrylic in a truly stunning range of colours.

Finally, this is Cotton 8, the cotton sport weight, knitted on 3.25mm needles:

Annell Cotton 8 Cotton

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be particularly excited about this cotton. I’ve knitted with sportweight cotton before, and it’s generally stiff and unyielding, with little drape and showing every tiny difference in tension. Boy, was I wrong! This yarn is gorgeously soft, has sumptuous drape and a surprising amount of elasticity for a plant fibre, and evens out stitch tension beautifully. Even better, it is not remotely splitty, a problem often seen with non-mercerised cotton. I will definitely be using this yarn again!

My thanks again to Yvonne for sending the samples. I can whole-heartedly recommend Annell yarn.

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